Sweets and Santa

Christmas magic, mystery, and matchmaking.

Although my recipes are a perfect fit for the town Santa next door, without a budget for ads, I’m counting on word of mouth to drive business during my first Christmas as a bakery owner.

But as things around town start to disappear, it’s all people can talk about as they wait in line for the jolly old elf. Rumors swirl as residents speculate whodunnit. And when one of the missing items is revealed to be an engagement ring last seen in my shop, my reputation is thrown in jeopardy. To save it, I’ll have to crack this case wide open like the tops of my chocolate kringle cookies.

Will a bit of Christmas magic allow me to find the ring—along with the other stolen goods—and win over Heartwood Hollow with my festive treats? Or will my efforts for a sweet holiday season for all earn me a permanent place on the town’s naughty list?

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