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Cozy mysteries with a side of witches, cats, and witchy cats.

Rosie Pease is the author of paranormal cozy mystery series and kitty cozy mystery series.

Foster Familiar is now available!

These kittens have a lot to say…

Fostering a litter of kittens can be a rewarding yet chaotic challenge. But whenthose kittens havea paranormal secret that needs to be kept hidden, well, that opens awhole new can of cat food.

Catastrophe on the Road is now available!

Group trips can be a fun, cheap way to see the sights, but they’re not supposed to turn deadly.

A forced detour to a cat café sounds like purrfect blog material, but then a mischievous cat leads me straight into the middle of a murder investigation. Now the cops are eyeing me as a suspect, while a trio of baristas want me to adopt the frisky feline.

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