Scones and Spells

Some secrets don’t go to the grave… they come to my bakery.

I thought ghosts meddling with the last couple I got together was a one-time situation. But the spirits are interfering again, and my current mystery is more complicated and even a little dangerous.

Nothing is quite what it seems in my small town, and everyone has something to hide. Even me. When the case leads me to a forest where six townspeople disappeared, or worse, I learn I must uncover the truth of what happened there to heal Heartwood Hollow and help my latest match find love. It won’t be easy.

I’m desperate for the truth to help heal Heartwood Hollow and make my match.

To do it, I need to accept there’s truth to the rumors about me. I’m a witch. But how can I use the magic I didn’t know I had to get my answers?

There’s more to Heartwood Hollow and its residents than meets the eye.
Scones and Spells is the second full novel in the Mixing Up Magic series. It is best enjoyed after reading Cookies and Curses.

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