Muffins and Mediums

After being courted by the local coven, my anticipation over meeting someone who could be like me builds. But that person is even closer than I think when she comes into my bakery asking me to find her grandmother. Or more specifically, her grandmother’s missing ghost.

When she says her grandmother promised to be at her upcoming wedding, I agree to help her, but complications arise when I sense the bride is meant to be with someone else.

There are more tiers to this missing ghost case than there are on my cakes, and as the big day approaches, I can’t help but wonder if one issue is related to the other. I’ve never been wrong about my matches, but there are some lines I won’t cross, even when the groom makes veiled threats to keep me from getting involved.

With love, life, and the afterlife on the line, I must whisk it all and put my skills to the ultimate test. Can I give everyone their happily-ever-afters or will this be first time that everything doesn’t pan out the way I hoped?

Muffins and Mediums is the fifth novel in the Mixing Up Magic paranormal cozy mystery series. It is best enjoyed after reading Potluck and Powers.

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