Word of the Year

Word of the Year
Do you come up with a word of the year for yourself? If I remember correctly, my word for the year in 2022 was persevere. Maybe that was my word for 2021. Do those two years blend together for anyone else?
Either way, I feel like I did just that. I persevered, revised all of my books, republished all of my books, and found myself in control of everything once again.
For 2023, I couldn’t settle on one word, and to me that’s because the words I chose are related.
Yes, release does mean release books. I am an author, after all, and after releasing only one *new* book in the last two years, I do want to make sure I’m releasing books.
But release also means letting go, release myself from those things that I’ve been holding on to. Like the guilt and frustration that it took me two years to get Muffins and Mediums out into the world. Things like that. From negative feelings to physical things that are weighing me down. A la old clothes that don’t fit that I just haven’t gotten around to going through to donate. Or projects that I say I’ll get around to.
But on the flip side of release is finish. There are projects I want to finish. So this is the year I’m going to finish at least some of them, the ones I want to finish the most.
I’m also a serial book one reader and then I never go back to finish the other books of a series. I read a full series in November, and I LOVED IT. Just bingeing one book after another in a series. So I’m going to do more of it. I’m going to go back and read a lot of Book 2s this year. And Book 3s, 4s, etc. Maybe in a row. Who knows.
And I’m going to finish up some half-written projects to help release the feelings I’ve had about them not being done yet.
See how these things are intertwined?
So here’s to 2023, the year in which things will get done in one way or another.
Do you have a word for this year?

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