Muffins and Mediums is Live

Muffins and Mediums is Live

I’m so excited to say that Muffins and Mediums is live! This is the first new book that I’ve published in over two years, and it feels so good to see it out in the world.

This is the author’s note that I put in the book. I know some people skip right over these, but this one really sums up my thoughts over having a new release once again and my thoughts of the book overall. It also gives you some insight as to what the book is about, which might be important for some of you. So here it is for you here.

Maybe you’re reading this book right after reading Potluck and Powers. Maybe there’s been some time—or even a lot of time—between reading the two. The editing of this book took a backseat when the series was signed over to a small publisher and then over the following year as I prepped the previous books in the series for republication. If you’ve been following me since the start of that, you’ll know that the books are back in my full control once again. But in away, despite the wait for this one, it all worked out.

You see, this book is by far the longest in the series, and having to go over the four books leading up to this one in-depth the way I did and back to back meant that after the year-long break of finishing the first draft of this book and revising it, I went into it with a full and refreshed eye on the entire series versus trying to remember everything from the earlier books, some of which I hadn’t looked at since my final proofreading passes of them a few years prior. It turned out to be a tremendous benefit, and I know this book is better for it.

This book is not the same book that would have come out originally. Although many things remain the same, the original book was darker and lacking some of the lightness that the other books have even in dealing with tough subjects. That’s not to say that this one doesn’t. It does. Without spelling it out but hopefully giving those who might need it a bit of a heads-up on content, you’ll meet someone in here who just is not nice and another who is in a position because of that not-nice person that may seem familiar to some of you either because you’ve been in them or because you know someone who has been. Please, if you ever find yourself in a position like that, reach out to someone you trust or be the person that someone else can reach out to. This book does end happily, as all mine do, and if you find yourself in a similar position, I hope you get your happy ending too.

Enjoy your time back in Heartwood Hollow and discovering the new issues that Joanie faces in this book. You’ll see some familiar faces as well as some new ones and will continue to discover secrets about them all as well as the place they call home. It really is one of my favorite small towns.

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