Mixing Up Magic, Books 1-3

Matchmaking, baking and ghosts… a recipe for disaster or a spell for success?

Two things have made me the center of the rumor mill in my quirky small town: cookies and love. Much like how I know what ingredients will make delectable treats, I also have a talent for recognizing when two souls are compatible.

The townspeople say I’m a witch. I’m not, I don’t think, but I do see ghosts. And when those spirits start stirring up trouble between the couples I’ve connected, I need to figure out why to save my reputation and give my customers the happily-ever-afters they deserve.

Witch or no witch, one thing’s for sure… ghosts, it’s time to meet your baker.

This special collection contains the first three books in the Mixing Up Magic series: Cookies and CursesScones and Spells, and Weddings and Witchcraft. This witchy cozy mystery series features a culinary twist with a side of sweet romance. The books are a delicious read full of tasty treats, charming characters, meddling ghosts, one sassy calico cat, HEAs, and a smorgasbord of supernatural secrets to uncover.

Binge the first three books in this fun paranormal series today!

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