May Goals

May Goals

I think I could start this month’s goals post the same way as April’s. It felt like one of the longest months ever, and I thought March was long. Still more being sick for all of us to varying degrees, new routines thanks to the cats and their needs, and also some good stuff like Mini-Editor’s birthday and my wedding anniversary.

Amidst the chaos, I did finish a book! That felt great. First real finish in what feels like ages. I know Muffins came out in December, but I’d written that nearly two years prior and so the “finish” was in the massive revisions not in the writing. But at nearly 36k, I’m so in love with the story you’ll all get to see in June.

I’ve also finished the revamp of the first Matchmaking Baker cover. I’ll share that soon. Haven’t loaded it anywhere yet. Will move on to the next book soon too so everything is cohesive when I go to load it all in.

And I have a release this month! Catastrophe on the Road will be out on its own for the first time on May 23rd. If you haven’t already met Meredith and Trubbs, you’re in for a real treat. It’s my goal to finish the editing of Catastrophe in the Kitchen this month so I can tell you more about a special project I’m doing…but if you know where to look, you can get a hint of what it is.

And outside of that editing, I’ve penned the first 400 words of my next writing project. This one I’m aiming for just 10k words for a group anthology. Much like I did with Joanie and Meredith, I gotta tell the story of how my new main character in my upcoming paracozy series got her cat! And surprise! Both Joanie and Meredith will make an appearance. With the edits taking priority, I’m not sure if I’ll finish the new story this month, but I’ll definitely make progress.

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