June Goals

June Goals

May flew by like I knew it was going to. We started the month off with Mini-Editor being sick and once we were in the clear from that we fell right into release day activities for both Catastrophe on the Road and Foster Familiar.

And now we’re through those release dates, and it’s time to settle down and focus on the next steps. The festivities around Foster Familiar will be going on all year as part of the Supernatural Sleuths group on Facebook, and I need to figure out what I’m going to follow that up with for Book 2, but as that doesn’t need to come out until next June, it is not a focus for this month unless something hits me the way the plot for Foster Familiar did.

That’s not to say that Nora won’t be seen again until then. I’m currently working on a short story prequel for her that crosses over with the timeline of the Matchmaking Baker books and has cameo appearances by college-age Joanie and Meredith (the main character of my Purrfect Travel Companion books). Set in Baycliff where Joanie and Meredith went to culinary school, this story takes place on the beach. And as I’ve only written the first chapter, that’s all I can say about that. It is a goal to make good progress on that story this month. Aiming for only 10k word on that, so something just under the size of Coffee and Calicos.

I’ll also be continuing work on Catastrophe in the Kitchen, book 1 of the Purrfect Travel Companion series. It’s in revisions at Chapter 24 of 37, so I’m really hoping to finish that up this month because I am planning something so fun for its launch where you’ll be able to get it in a really fun paperback format that won’t be available anywhere else (regular versions will be, of course). Are you familiar with Kickstarter? I totally recommend you check it out if you aren’t once you follow my project there.

If both of those things get finished, which might be a tall order with a busy June consisting of two dance recitals for Mini-editor a dress rehearsal for said recitals, pictures for dance, and maybe an awards dinner, Father’s Day, and who knows what else, then we’ll see what happens after that. Maybe some sleep?

What are you hoping to get done this month?

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