I’m Heading to Heartwood Hollow

If you’ve traveled to Heartwood Hollow, either recently or back when it was self-published, I hope you love it and the townspeople. It’s been three years since I started writing this series, and everyone there is very special to me.

Although firmly rooted in fiction, the town itself is inspired by one of my favorite places. Joanie’s love of marshmallow rice treats from Leafs and Grounds? Definitely stems from my own love for them. 
In a few short days, I’ll get to eat one again for the first time in just over four years from the coffee shop that makes them better than anywhere I’ve ever had them. I’m hoping that a trip to the town that inspired Heartwood Hollow, and a hefty supply of marshmallow rice treats to bring home, will power me through my edits of Book 4.
I’ll be sharing pictures over on my Instagram, so make sure you are following me @WriteRosiePease.

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