Foster Familiar is Now Available!

Foster Familiar is Now Available!

I am so excited to be able to finally reveal this book! The plot for Foster Familiar struck at the end of January when I was working on a totally different book, and it was speaking so loudly I had to give it a couple of days to see if it would stick. And it did.


This book features Nora, who works at the Feline Familiar Cat Café introduced in Catastrophe on the Road, only as you’ll learn in this book, the café is home to cats waiting to find their homes AND familiars waiting to find their witches.


When Nora isn’t at the café, she fosters kittens who have the potential to become familiars, and until they learn to control their abilities, they might just talk to anyone! I’m sure you can see why this might become problematic, especially if their secret fell into the wrong hands. And when Nora stumbles upon a crime scene with some of her foster kittens, she’ll have to think fast to keep them safe.


And best of all, you can grab this book along with 48 others by a fabulous bunch of authors for everyone’s favorite price as part of Supernatural Sleuths hosted by Prolific Works. When you grab any of the books from there, you can send them to your favorite reading device or app. Instructions are provided on the site should you need them.

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