February Goals

February Goals

Welcome, February, and welcome, everyone, to February!

January saw me very busy. In my effort to further going wide, my books are up on Draft2Digital for Smashwords, Hoopla (they’re still processing there), and some international markets. I also updated some vector covers to see how those would do again after ads testing was showing better returns on those. Paperbacks at the 5×8 size will remain with the photorealistic versions. There will be a different size with the vector covers soon. I massively overhauled my newsletter with new automations and a new service provider. I also took Becca Syme’s Write Better-Faster 101 course. Super insightful.

Writing wise, I added 4k words to my Mixing Up Magic spinoff before fully deciding to concentrate on something else, and I’ve now put 2.5k into that in the last week (really just about 3 days of writing thanks to some unanticipated disruptions to my schedule, aka Mini-Editor getting up before 5 and not going back to bed, therefore eliminating my writing time for the day). But I’m excited to have my sleuth discover the body in the next chapter, and I know the who, what, where, when, why and how, so hopefully it will come along nicely. It better. It’s due in April for a June publication date. Can’t wait to share some teasers! I will return to the MUM spinoff, but I gotta go with what’s calling me the most.

On the romance side, I added five new episodes to my Love on the Road Vella. I need to get back to editing that so I can continue to add more. Still trying to figure out how to continue once it is all out on Vella and time to make it a book, but as I’m still only halfway through sharing, that is a down the road project.

So I guess this month is about staying the course. I want to be half done with my new story. I want to have a cover for it and some teasers. More Vella edits too. What are you working on this month?

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