Where Did They Go?

Where Did They Go?

If you’ve looked for them, you will have seen that you can’t find the ebooks online, and the paperbacks might show as unavailable.

So what’s going on?

The Mixing Up Magic series is no longer published through Whiskered Mysteries. The publishing house changed hands last week, and authors were given the option to take a buyout offer. I did, for both this series and the next one I have coming, the Purrfect Travel Companion. I’d missed doing my own book stuff and having the control over them more than I thought I would.

Part of the buyout includes the covers. As soon as the old branding is removed from them covers and the manuscripts updated to remove Blueberry Bay, the books will be back on Amazon.

In addition, I’m only a couple of weeks away from getting Potluck and Powers formatted and up for sale as well. So that will be coming back out soon. Same with Coffee and Calicos, and Sweets and Santa. They’re getting new covers this week. And once I’m fully done with Potluck and Powers, I’ll be editing the first book in the Purrfect Travel Companion, meaning you should be getting that within a couple of months, way sooner than had I stayed with the publishing house. Look for the prequel, which was first in the collection When the Cat’s Away, to come out before then as I have that cover ready to go once the WhiskMys branding has been removed.

So there’s a lot happening all at once, and I’m really excited by all of it, and I hope you are excited by it too. If you’ve read this much, thank you! What’s one thing you are excited for this week? Hope it’s a great one!

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