August Goals

August Goals

It was a busy July. One I didn’t really set goals for because a lot was going on, and that turned out to be a good thing.

Mini-Editor went on her first vacation with her grandparents while Mom and Dad stayed home. She got in some fun cousin time while we redid part of her room to give her a big-girl desk and a revamped play corner for her LEGO building. She also had her first experience with day camp. One week of it saw my husband and I painting the kitchen ceiling and walls while she was gone (didn’t get to the bathroom, which will be a project the next time she goes to my in-laws for a weekend), and the other two gave me some alone time where I sometimes thought about books and did some writing. I also indulged in some me time because it hadn’t happened in a good long while. That came mostly the third week of camp as getting tendonitis in my thumb/wrist limited what I could do writing wise. But while I binged Sweet Magnolias, I drew on my tablet (with the good hand) some stuff related to my books. Still a work in progress for much of it, but I’ll share some sneak peeks soon.

There’s less than a month until Mini-Editor starts kindergarten. She has a few days of Kindergarten jumpstart mid-month. We’re hoping to do the amusement park again at least once. And the zoo. The county fair is coming soon too. Summer dance classes have already started. And there’s school supply shopping now that I have that list. But really, I just want to enjoy Mini-Editor as much as possible, so I’m not going to set goals again (plus I’m still dealing with the tendonitis). I’ll just do things here and there, usually before she wakes up, and we’ll see what happens come month’s end.

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