December Goals

December Goals

We have made it to the final month of 2022!

I’m pretty sure I’ve been saying this for the last couple months, but wow, time is flying by.

November was exactly what I needed it to be. I took some time off for Thanksgiving and my husband’s birthday, got a little writing done for my semi-sweet romcom, set up a website for that pen name (mostly), didn’t touch Muffins and Mediums at all as it was out of my hands, did some editing for not my stuff, read a lot, and overall felt a bit more balanced. It was a good month.

In December, there’s a whole lot to do. It’s release month!! It has been ages since I’ve put out a new book, and I am so looking forward to getting Book 5 of the Mixing Up Magic series into your hands.

But first, coming up on the 6th, I’m participating in a Twitter chat for the 12 Days of Cozies event with the @cozymysteryclub. That’s from 8-9EST. I’m super excited to be taking part. There will also be a giveaway from me sometime during those twelve days, so keep your eyes peeled!

I’m also hoping to get a couple of surprises out to you before Muffins and Mediums comes out but no promises and I’m not telling you what. That’s part of the surprise, haha. In addition to that, I’ll be continuing to work on my edits of first my Love on the Road Vella (my semi-sweet romcom series that I write as Rosalie Pease) and then of my next projects.

I plan on slowing down just a little bit once Muffins and Mediums comes out on the 20th. I’ll enjoy the holidays and really plan out what I’m going to work on in 2023. I know a couple of things that are must dos, but I’d love to add in another one or two projects if I feel like I can swing it.

So those are my December goals, and I think they are doable.

Wishing you all a wonderful month!!

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