Cookies and Curses

Matchmaking, baking and ghosts… a recipe for disaster or a spell for success?

I’ve never been wrong with cookies or love, and it’s made my bakery popular in my small town.

Rumors claim my matchmaking skills come from a dash of magic in my treats, but I can ignore the gossip about me being a witch. But ghosts only I can see suddenly needing my help? That was never a part of my business plan, and solving their problems might be more than I can handle.

If I can’t figure out the mystery of why they’re coming between the couples I’ve connected, then not only will my matches not get their happily ever afters but failing could conjure the end of my livelihood too. I can’t let the cookie crumble on my career.

Ghosts, it’s time to meet your baker.

Cookies and Curses is the first novel in the witchy Mixing Up Magic series, set in the fictional cozy town of Heartwood Hollow, Maine. It’s a delicious read with tasty treats, quirky characters, one sassy calico cat, and a smorgasbord of supernatural secrets to uncover.

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