April Goals

April Goals

Somehow we have made it through another month, and let me tell you, it felt like one of the longest months ever. We started the month with one cat at the vets needing test for an issue (allergies), then two and a half weeks later, the other went to the vets for a different issue. $2k later he’s had surgery and is now on the super expensive prescription food for the rest of his life. But it keeps him alive, so you do what you gotta. We’ve had illnesses, water in the basement, more illnesses, and probably more tears on my end than there have been in a long time. Life is stressful sometimes, and it all happens at once.

There’s also been writing. I really wanted to finish my current WIP by the end of the month, but, life. Life happened. And my routine and stable writing time went with it. There has been writing, though, and I am so much closer than I was when I started the month. So the WIP will get done. It has to. There’s a concrete deadline for it, so yeah, has to happen.

But when the words wouldn’t come because of stress, there was cover art happening, and all of the mixing up magic books have updated covers. I’ll work on the Matchmaking Baker books soon. When this WIP is done.

Then after I exist for a few days doing nothing (I never really do nothing), I’ll start lining up my other projects, including the rerelease of Catastrophe on the Road, which as I said last month, will be part of a much bigger endeavor. More on that soon!

But in the meantime, April is also really busy with life. There’s Easter. There’s Mini-Editor’s 5th birthday. My 6th wedding anniversary. Lots of stuff.

Thanks for sticking around and reading to the end of this. What are you hoping to do this month?

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